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    • 2015.12.14 Monday
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    • by スポンサードリンク


    Winter sunshine


      The beginning of winter just passed, a snow drifting profusely and disorderly, then hurry to inform the winter message. Leaves in the gently crying, you fall. The sky was filled with dense snow, a buried land momentumfinancial planning.

      White the vast between heaven and earth. As if all of a sudden into winter fairy tale world. Poplar tree two shivering sparrow, winked his confused eyes, looked at the sky. The snow covered with their red small feet, the red against the snow, more of a bright and smooth. Golden leaves under its feet and goes, like snow covered in broken gold, glitter.

      The weather. The sun finally through the clouds, shining in the silver diffused earth, stir in the snow on the thin fog, misty misty rose up from the beautiful picture. The ground, leaves, reeds on the snow quietly twisted body together, not much will reveal many pure, transparent water drops, dripping. As the sun's warmth to the snow was moved to tears likeManaged Cloud.

      A dress of red down jacket woman, led him to a little girl, playing in the snow, the child childish laughter came from time to time. "Come on! Mom, in front of the branches and leaves too good-looking......" The little girl happy to run forward, hair bow lightly fluttering, round face was red as an apple likefashion women clothing wholesale.

      Her mother followed, fearing girl tripped and fell, and kept shouting: "you slowly, slowly!" The sun like a bee like, gently in their left footprints in the snow, leaping, 4 lines of clear footprints, like the heart like open, as if the mother and daughter quietly express joy.

      Maintain one's original pure character and pure snow香港家政中心, winter sunshine above play. The little girl brilliant face full of doubts, "mother, the sun came out, the snow how to hide?"

      Her mother smiled and said: "it is shy! Like you to my arms reservoir." Said, pointing to the bare earth and said: "look! There's snow has hidden into the embrace of the earth, you have not seen them in sight."

      The little girl stretched her frozen hands like carrots, to mother's arms. Red woman gently took the little girl in his arms月子保姆推薦, looking through the deep love. The little girl looked at the distance quietly falling snow, want to watch his beloved snow, is how to hide into the embrace of the earth.

      Mother and daughter stood for a long time, sun bathed in the winter. Like a beautiful sculpture stands in the wet field.

      The sun warm, as in the snow on the pan with dazzling light.

      My eyes will emerge out of her mother pick cotton scene in the snow, her eyes, bent, hands to hold snow cover with cotton flower.

      Her hands are frozen, eyes also look at the flowers, then straight hand rub, waving back to me. "Come on, baby!"

      I also helped her into the bag with a small hand in cotton, freeze pain to cry. She took me in his arms, let my hands into her arms, my hand suddenly touched her warm skin, as if into the side of a warm fire.

      She wiped my tears, love to say: "do not be afraid, little hand not pain" my hand in the mother warm chest, feel no warmth.

      At the moment, the little girl and I like basking in the sunshine in the winter, happy to live in the mother love is sweet, heart.

      In fact, this is the life, warmth and happiness everywhere. Even in the cold winter, also be the warmth of the sun like a motherly love and care of our.


        • 2015.12.14 Monday
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        • by スポンサードリンク


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