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    • 2015.12.14 Monday
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    • by スポンサードリンク


    Live through the clouds


      Fireworks easy cold, hard to fall asleep. Love, is just a illusion of beauty, even the moon in the water, flowers in the mirror, and few people can resist her temptation? Fireworks fleeting, all for yunyan NuHart.

      Busy in loaf, put the tea a, sit before the screen, and like people say some simple words, or warm, or a joke, or lonely, or distress. Right and wrong, is with not, each other not to care about, occasionally wayward make trouble out of nothing, because the heart knows, only love is, love is not less. For many who paid, who pay less, why to go NuHart?

      In the heart, your love I know, my persistent you know, those without the so-called twigs vine shoots, just let it go to spread, also no pruning. About the words of love, silent, the bright first NuHart, love is best remembered, that a romantic themes at, is to love the circulation.

      Don't ask, love margin of shallow, Mo tube, this life far away no longer meet, with a cool breeze posture, sitting in tidal ebb tide. Perhaps, at this moment you and I, is the most happy.

      Last night the little flying snow, chic, vast between heaven and earth, white crystal a. As an idea, a curtain silver dream. Pick a few snowflakes into tea, taste the taste of Ukiyo-e Qing Huan Yan Liang hong thai travel.

      Whether or not, in the snow is cold, fold a plum, send the horizon? A across the trials of a long journey of thoughts, no confession, the heart has been clear, not to meet, but for being close to your fingertips, to seek a heart to heart warm greetings.

      There is a feeling called love, do not know what; there is an acquaintance, called flower mandala. On the news of you, I no longer mention, let it sealed in a romantic themes, bright as ever.

      Can be frequently look back, each intersection, have your footprint, you smile warm spring breeze, has been buried in the bottom of my heart, even though the mountains million in total silence, but arrived when you review, a wind, the million.

      If, every time I met in the world, is past repair to the edge, and the life we know miss, is the way many times of rub shoulders? This is a feast of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade bought? In the lonely years, at the time and place be inopportune or inappropriate, and the most appropriate you love each other, there is "what a long Heartbeat and affection?

      Crescent moon, want to idle, I stood in the moonlight waterfront, waiting for you to blow a Sauvignon Blanc, Yimei lightly. I do not know how many shades of the Milky way, I send a bunch of words will, whether can cross time and space, over the mountains, fly to your ears? Did you hear that sound, affectionate whispers calling?

      Fireworks fleeting, turned into Yunyan, as thin as cicada's wings in the future, do not know how to cut.

      Who touched the years railing, Juyi Peng you make a lasting, in a cup of moonlight in Dangqi currents? If you can the bright smile, times appeared in the dream again, heart and dream without a trace, gently slide a broken read.

      The vast earth, I for you to open the door of a fan, who is white snow, fengyuewubian? Who will be thousands knot in her cheeks, who used the jade finger flick, a quiet hate dark? Who do you act static such as lotus, sit in the ten tender tender?


        • 2015.12.14 Monday
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        • by スポンサードリンク


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